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    Aktualizované 17.05.2023
    Publikované 16.05.2023

    The Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Sarajevo announces a Call for Proposals for Small Grants for 2023 in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    Small grants are one of the instruments of the Slovak development cooperation.

    They are provided by the Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation through the Slovak Embassy in Sarajevo. Small grants focus on supporting small-scale development projects and enable a flexible, operational and effective response to development needs at the local level.



    Provider: Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation
    Contact Point: Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Sarajevo
    Address: Trnovska 6, 71 000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Telephone:  +387 33 716 440
    Email: emb.sarajevo@mzv.sk

    Amount requested

    The maximum amount of the non-repayable financial contribution is 10 000 EUR per project.

    Note: In past calls, average amount of granted financial support was up to 5 000 EUR. Similar approach will be applied this year and only projects with reasonable and cost-effective budget will be considered.

    A maximum number of the selected projects are limited by the budget allocated for this call for proposals which is 70 000 EUR.

    Project duration

    The duration of each project is from 6 to a maximum of 12 months beginning from the date of the signing of the Agreement between the Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation and the Final Beneficiary.

    Sector priorities

    The submitted projects must be related to sectors defined by the Medium-term Strategy for Development Cooperation of the Slovak Republic for 2019 – 2023, namely:

    1. Quality education (SDG 4) - education at all school levels, acquiring professional skills with focus on entering the labor market and conducting own business, education of pedagogical and non-pedagogical staff, equipment of school facilities;
    2. Good health (SDG 3) - health care with emphasis on mothers and children, nutrition programs, education and awareness of the population in the field of prevention and health care, education of health professionals, equipment of health facilities;
    3. Good governance and civil society building (SDG 16, 11) - public sector reform, public finance management, support for the rule of law and civil society participation in democratic processes, local government capacity building and active citizen participation in community development, security sector reform, activities of civilian experts in intl. crisis management, conflict prevention and support for reconciliation activities;
    4. Food safety and agriculture (SDG 1,2) - introduction of new techniques and procedures in all parts of the food chain, including processing of agricultural products, their marketing and sale, food security, job creation;
    5. Infrastructure and sustainable use of natural resources (SDG 6,11,7,15) - water management, integrated management of water and other natural resources, revitalization and protection of endangered water resources, drinking water supply, wastewater treatment, waste management, raising environmental awareness, energy security and the use of alternative energy sources, sustainable development of settlements, increasing resilience to natural disasters, including climate change, soil protection, reducing soil degradation and drying, halting the loss of biodiversity, protecting ecosystems, restoring degraded ecosystems;
    6. Support for the creation of a market environment (SDG 8, 9) - support for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, the introduction of innovations, job creation.


    Cross-cutting themes:

    1. Environment and climate change (SDG 13) - support for climate change mitigation, strengthening capacity to adapt to climate change, increasing resilience of ecosystems, protection of nature, biodiversity and soil, environmental monitoring; protection and promotion of the sustainable use of natural resources;
    2. Gender equality (SDG 5) - promoting equality between men and women, eliminating all forms of discrimination against women and girls, as well as all forms of violence against women and girls, including harmful practices and customs (such as early or forced marriages or female genital mutilation), ensuring equal opportunities in public life.


    These priority topics have been identified especially for this call:

    • support for rule of law, civil society building and building of democratic institutions
    • promotion of media freedom and safety of journalists
    • promotion of freedom of religion or belief
    • youth empowerment
    • empowerment of the most vulnerable groups of the society
    • involvement of the organizations from the least developed regions

    Applications reflecting priority topics will be given priority. Project proposals which are not in line with the focus of this call for proposals will not be accepted.


    Eligible applicants

    The call for proposals is open to registered:  

    • non-entrepreneurial (non-commercial) legal entities
    • non-governmental organizations
    • local and regional self-government units.               


    Deadline for submission

    The deadline for submission of project proposals is 19.6.2023.  The project proposals should be sent both electronically (emb.sarajevo@mzv.sk) and in hard copy to the Embassy of the Slovak Republic (Trnovska 6, 71 000 Sarajevo, Bosna and Herzegovina).
    Hard-copy applications (completed, signed and stamped) with relevant accompanying documentation (registration documents of the applicant organization and CVs of the key representatives responsible for project implementation in English) should be sent to the Slovak Embassy no later than 19.6.2023 on given deadline date. Applications received after this date will not be accepted.
    Applicants are kindly asked to pay particular attention to the quality of application. The process is highly competitive and proposals are evaluated on basis of the quality of the application. Only complete documentation will be considered; incomplete applications will be excluded from the selection process.


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